My Dear, These Tears You Weep

Ever suddenly been moved to tears and not know why? These tears you weep, from way down deep...…

The One Who Lights Kindling

Guest Poetess & Wild Wanderess, Gwenivere Weiss shares a passionate poem hot of her poetic presses.

I Stand.

You stood before me,
held my hands in yours truly.
You spoke with an unwavering faith in WE...

The Dance

Guest Writer This Week! Featuring a poem about women who not only run with wolves, they dance.

A Fire Burned in their Names…

To Thee—who feels broken, maimed, and overly-tamed, 
misguided and trained to feel so much disdain. To Thine—who wants to be awoken, reclaimed, and untamed, inner-guided to feel the melody of being unchained.