Cycle-it-Forward: A Resource Sharing Program

Provides Scholarships and Accessibility for our offerings

Grandmother to Children,
Mother to Daughter,
Woman to Woman
fem t0 Fem
human to human,
as within, so without
our Ripples become waves…

Cycle-It-Forward weaves strength back into the tapestry of our collective humanity, by helping Embodied Education & events be accessible and become common knowledge. There is a wealth of information that was not available to our parents and elders about our cyclical nature. It’s time to invest in our children. Period

♥♥♥♥ free resource  ♥♥♥♥ 

Download Seasons of the Cycle

♥ Non-Monetary Gifting ♥ 

♥  Share Moon Cycle Map digitally with 10+ Women you want to celebrate.
♥  Share Moon Cycle Map with allies.
♥  Become a mentor to someone to support them in developing their cyclical nature.
♥  Host a Red Tent gathering. Download Red Tent How-to. By Happy Womb
♥  Host a First Moon Party to celebrate someone coming into their blood.
♥  Host a First Moon Party for someone who never celebrated coming into their blood.
♥  Host a Coming into Crone gathering to celebrate Menopause initiation.
♥  Host a monthly Full Moon or New Moon Gathering.
♥ Organize a Moon-Share: Care for each other through Moon Retreat Time (heaviest bleeding days).
♥  Offer up your services/gifts/skills/talents to someone/group in your community.
♥  Gift a Cycle Session to a friend.

♥ Monetary Gifting ♥

Know where your money goes 
Cycle-It-Forward fund contributes to:

♥  Expenses for Red Tents (free events) we host for folks to gather around Embodied Education.
♥  Free classes/resources created to support healing menstrual related ailments & issues.
♥  Expenses for a First Moon Celebrations (coming into blood initiations).
♥  Menstrual Cycle Awareness mentorships.
♥  A scholarship for our 8-Week Immersion Course.
Cycle Sessions: one-on-one healing support & personalized education.