You are EmbodieD

We are cyclical. This is Nature. This is Law.

Imagine if we lived in a society that honored our cyclical ways.
Reclaim your Cyclical Intelligence and Reweave the web of Renewal – Menstrala.

welcome to Menstrala school

Founded to provide Embodied Cycle-related resources
empowering education + events,
art + advocacy for all things
Menstrala ~ the great cycle of renewal.

A home to honor and nurture
our Cyclical Ways as Cyclical Beings,
a place to claim your inheritance
AND become initiated

:: About ::

Menstrala School opened on the Full Moon of October 2019, marking our flagship year to certify Embodied Cycle Awareness Educators in the Phasic Ritual curriculum – an empowering education developed over a decades worth of research, personal study, treatments + remedies by educator, Ally Rugge. Phasic Ritual, was also coined + created in collaboration with fellow educator, Sheri Hupfer

Phasic Ritual offers cycle connection as a deeply informed + holistic approach to our Embodied Cycle (often referred to as Menstrual Cycle or Moon Cycle), rather than the more archaic approaches that focus on compartmentalization of the the cycle such as: period tracking, fertility awareness, rhythm and birth control methods. We view and approach our natural rhythm as it is – a full circle, closed loop, sacred hoop of renewal. Just as Earth embodies cyclical seasons, so do we.

Are you ready to reclaim your rhythm
and watch your own seasons come to life?


A term coined by artist, Vanessa Tiegs, in 2000
as the neologism (new word) that refers to a global art movement
that affirms the hidden forbidden bright red cycle of renewal.

Bloom from within

All sessions + payments
are currently linked to the
Founder’s professional practice.

Featured video created by student, Ruah Rayne.