Embodied Cycle Awareness Certification Program

~ Become an Educator ~

Embodied Cycle Awareness, ecA

For those who want to become certified as EMCA Educators through my Seasons of the Cycle curriculum and the Phasic Ritual Method.*

ECA Certification Program | 13-mo Commitment | $4,444
12 2.5 hr Online Group Classes/mo
2-3 Mentoring Sessions/mo @ 60 min a
Regular observance of Moon Retreats
2 Healing Quests
1 Initiation Ceremony upon the 13th Moon of program
Payment Programs
8-Month | $555.50/mo | 8 Payments
Monthly | $334/mo | First Payment $444
Quarterly | $1,111| 4 Payments
Bi-annual | $2,222 | 2 Payments
At least 4-6 months of Phasic Ritual practice & application

pre-req is offered through:

Cycle Sessions
One-on-one Mentoring
Cycle Awareness 8-week Online Course

* Special Note *
The Phasic Ritual Method was developed in collaboration with Educator,
Sheri Hupfer.

* Art Credit *
Phasic Ritual Features:
Nature Photography by Annie KAthleen
Lightning shot by Kyle Volkman
Various Artwork by unknown artists through web search
*** IF you see a work of art that is yours or you know the artist,
please contact me to include credit ***