Claim Your Cyclical Intelligence

Embodied Cycle Awareness

Empowering Sessions
Learn about your cyclical intelligence & embodied ecology to nurture your:
creativity, vitality, sexual + emotional + mental + relational health.

+ Know your Flow: Develop your fluency with your whole Cycle from season-to-season and moon-by-moon. We like to call this Flowency.
+ Rite to your Rhythm: Build your life around your own personal cycle.
+ Claim your Sovereignty: Understand the reasons to your seasons.
+ Nurture your Nature: Cultivate your creativity, vitality & sensuality.
+ Heal Yourself: You don’t have to suffer through your cycle.

Although suffering during menses is considered “the norm” it doesn’t have to be.

If you are suffering through your cycle…

Take healing into your own hands. Cycle Sessions include information and support to heal chronic menstrual pain, ailments and (mis)diagnosis like PMS/PMDD, Mittelschmerz, Dysmenorrhea.

RATES + PACKAGES + Offerings

Bloom From Within
FREE Consult

Cycle Sessions Include

+ 60 min support
+ Access to ‘Seasons of the Cycle‘ curriculum and ebook(s)
+ Cycle Map & Treatment Plan
+ Therapeutic Support and Emotional Navigation guidance.
+ Access to Phasic Ritual Method: Cyclical Living guidance + support

Individual Purchase
one 60 min Session
$108 – $128

4-Session Package
60 min each
$400 – $444
(40 days)

8-Session Package
60 min each
$688 – $788
(90 days)

Luteal Package
4 Sessions @ 75 min $488 – $588
1 session/mo

Therapeutic Maintenance

Provides emotional support & release needed prior to Menstrual Phase
* At least 4-mo of Cycle-related work together is required.

Sliding Scale
45 min sessions

‘Seasons of the Cycle’ video by student, Ruah Rayne.