To be perfectly, painfully human

There is no person on this earth
who will walk into your life 
and make you feel 
There will be nobody 
that can give you the love you want 
and need 
and desire 
to fill the cracks inside you 
and never disappoint. 
This is the gift to be perfectly, 
painfully human.
You are and have always been 
the one. 
The one to give yourself the. 
Exact. Foolproof. Blend. Of love. 
That exquisite concoction 
grown from all the right seeds. 
Watered all of your lives. 
Tended just inside your flesh
created for your own
seeking soul.
It exists inside your own 
gorgeously fragmented
relentlessly Impeccable 
under-nourished being. 
Drink from your own nectar
and whisper to your own ears,
words of gentle tender love. 
Come back to your own heart. 
Give yourself the love your mother eventually failed you of. 
The attention you sought so desperately as a child from your father. 
You are your own perfect parents.
The only love
without any flaws,
defects or shortcomings 
is the one you drink voraciously 
or sip delicately 
from the cup of your own bones. 
And so we continue hope, 
And learn to fill up from within. 
And then one day. 
When we are old enough. 
We forgive the humanness and the yearning in others 
and ourself enough. 
Enough to embark
on this thing 
we call loving each other. 
This messy, chaotic, risky business 
of offering oneself to another 
in such beautiful hope 
of connection 
fulfillment and meaning. 

It is so perfectly, painfully human. 

By Gwenivere Weiss, former student: Cycle Awareness Winter 2019
Poetess. Intuitive Witch. Registered Psychotherapist. Self-compassion Enthusiast. Meditation + Movement Lover.

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