We Are Waning.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the season of Autumn. In certain parts of the world, it may be the end of the rains for some and the beginning of them for others.

For those of us who experience time within 4-5 seasons, we are in the midst of our transition toward Winter 🌬️ The dormant time of deep hibernation.
We are in our Luteal now. Preparing for deep let-go just before the deep cold and falling snow.

Wild Woman wades in and Burning Woman’s blazes begin.

A rite of passage through time that offers our right to hear our Truth. To seek it. Speak it. Fully receive it. So we can live in light of it. In spite of those who tell us not to.

We are waning. Energies drawing-in to listen-in…to what can no longer be silenced. Our outer light giving way to shed light on the inner realm. That which we can’t see, but sense. That which we don’t know, but will. That which is dark, but when we dive-in, find ourselves deeply fulfilled and ready to be forgiven.

A Mighty Force Within, is this time.
How does it feel to fall into the Autumn…?

Art Cred|Image 1: Water Nymph by Sara Golish| Burning Woman by Beatrice Baiu

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