My Dear, These Tears You Weep

The Intimacy of Tears

Ever suddenly been moved to tears and not know why?


Someone found you crying and asked what was wrong and you didn’t know?

Maybe, you apologized and thought there might be something wrong with you. Maybe you felt guilty, strange, embarrassed…or worse, that you were “silly” or even “crazy.”


Well, lean-in my friend and let this seep in,


My dear, these tears you cry are not just yours. You cry for the world.
They well up from deep inside and you cannot run and hide, escape, or be deprived from the profound intimacy that life provides. There are many things that touch us and we don’t know why, but we soak it in, through every pore of our skin, and when we’re filled to the brim, it must pour out from deep within. So it does. Perfectly timed, as it coincides, with every ebb and flow of our menstrual tide.

This is your Luteal Phase.

Full of the the sweet & sour sorrows of deep & dark let-go’s. This is the time that your Female flux flex’s her vulnerability muscle to show just how strong you are. To Feel. You feel so much because you are hard-wired into Earth’s experience.
This. Is. The. Time.
Where all that needs to be
cried for,
stood by for,
spoken-up and tried for,
No. Longer. Remains. Silent.

Because our Wild Woman knows that silence can be just the same as violence.

By Artist @Agneimalive
YOU CRY for those who cannot. Do not. & Did not. For all the times you, yourself, wanted to, but choked it down because it was the socially acceptable thing to do, or you felt you didn’t have time for, or needed to push it down to stay functional & “on the job” for.
YOU SCREAM for all the creatures who screamed in anguish around the world just before their deaths, or as their hearts were injured, while they watched their loved ones lay to rest.
Sister, you feel irritable because you feel powerless.
You’re not.
You are the human embodiment of connection to all Life—everywhere— unto each other, and Every. Single. Creature. and all of what we call nature. ALL OVER THE WORLD. That which you see, that which you don’t, but you just, somehow, sense.
And even though you feel moved to — do something! Say something! Change something! How? You don’t know…so you break down and cry, simply because during this time, you are open to letting yourself be touched in a way your body won’t let you deny, even though you just might try. Sister, you are power incarnate and your cycle is a powerful ally.
My dear…
these tears you weep,
from way down deep,
are a selfless deed,
to meet a need,

just before you bleed.

There is no reason,
nor even a rhyme,
so stop searching your mind,
and let yourself unwind.
 As you release,
at this time,
 more often than not,
if anything at all,
the tears you weep,
is not all your grief
but that of humankind.

 For all female-bodied sisters living in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn is the Luteal phase of Earth’s cyclical nature. The connection to our Female cycle is the connection to nature’s cyclical intelligence.
“Women have the power, the power in their body, the magic of their body, to give life, nourish life and let life go. The sign of the women’s power is in menstruation. It is there that women are taken over by a power, the power of nature, biology.”     — Joseph Campbell, Goddesses


What does this mean? As we watch the leaves fall from the tree’s that inevitably provide nourishment to the ground beneath them and we see the energies of the ecosystem around us is drawing inward for the Winter, so are we. So, as you go through the other phases of your cycle this season, you may find there’s a Luteal /Autumnal theme around them, as Summer’s vibrant, outward, light-hearted energies have fallen away for the time being. This can be pretty jolting, especially if you don’t know just how in tune your body is with Earth and the very environment you live. #knowyourflow

Earth’s nature tends toward balance, our female-bodied sisters in the Southern Hemisphere are balancing us as they are in the renewal & rejuvenation season, Follicular/Vernal (Spring).

Art Credit
Featured image: Artist unknown, please contact if you have any info.
Supporting Image: Artist on instagram @agneimalive/@art.of.a.lover

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