Winter’s Last Call

Come…come… come hear the wind howling the call of deep hibernation.

Come curl-up in the coziness of the sweet cocoon of Winter’s delightful stagnation.

Come find refuge deep down in the dark room of Earth’s womb — made — Just. For. You.

Fall dormant to the darkness, once more, and surrender to the final slumber of the season.

Let yourself be cradled, as Winter carries you through the remaining weeks 
of her last trimester.

Let the rains still to come, Replenish your inner-aquifers,
and fill the well-spring of your being.

Let the cold snap coming, call you home to yourself — One. More. Time.

Keep your inner-flame burning, by simply returning.

Hold tenderly to the time of year that calls us to slow down.

And, if it were to snow again, may you simply stop altogether.
Surrender yourself to the weather,
and sip on the slow-motion of snow fall, as it floats from the heavens like feathers,
A gentle reminder to us all, to let yourself become untethered.

Let yourself marvel at the miracle, that every bit of Life, no matter how mundane, 
becomes coated by a cloak of tiny crystals, 
leaving behind traces of that which is magic and mystical.

Find Respite and Retreat — fall madly into a love affair with sleep.

Yes, let yourself just rest awhile longer,
and trust the whisperings of Spring will call upon you soon…

For now, just return to the nest of your own inner-rest, 
and heed the invitations of Winter’s Last Call.
Featured Image: ‘Imbolc’ – Creative unknown.
Please contact if you have information to credit artist.

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