Winter Solstice: Year of the Hawk

Winter Solstice

Do you feel the draw of Winter’s sleep?
Do you feel the season’s call into retreat?
Or are you fighting nature’s sweet invitation?
A time to hibernate and surrender into deep reflection.

Wintering – A time of introspection. Inner-Reflection for the sake of inward connection.
Restore. Retreat. Relax. Reflect. Receive.

“What we got, then, is the Solstice. The deepwater of winter. The part when it’s darkest. The part when you might give up hope. But there’s hope right in it, because it’s brighter after that, it’s an earth promise. Every day takes us away from the worst. But we’re soft people, and our hope is fragile stuff, and what we need most of all at this time of year is a celebration for hope.” “Solstice” by Jan Adkins

Featured Artwork: Artist Unknown

*If you have any information on the artist, please contact to offer proper credit.

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