Intention vs. Impact

In a society where we've been taught to suppress & de-press our emotions, rather than feel them, I can't help but wonder...Will we ever get beyond emotional-bypassing each other?

The Magic Eye of The Aspen

See with the eyes that allow you to open your mind, feel with your whole heart, and sense with your entire body. — Magic of the Aspen Tree Crested Butte, CO Summer 2017

The One Who Lights Kindling

Guest Poetess & Wild Wanderess, Gwenivere Weiss shares a passionate poem hot of her poetic presses.

The Mating Dance to Mate-enance.

Happy Valentine's Day from my Relationship Therapy Archives. Ever wonder what happened to the romance? Why things were so good in the beginning and then...what changed? Learn about the maturation of love from The Mating Dance to Mate-enance.

Attraction. It Doesn’t Have to be Fatal.

Relationship Therapy Archives. How can I be attracted to others when I’m with someone I love?  Understanding attraction, it doesn't have to be fatal.

I Stand.

You stood before me, held my hands in yours truly. You spoke with an unwavering faith in WE...

The Meaning of Winter

Winter is the womb where Spring finds the room, to give way to Summer where she is in full bloom. Then falls into Autumn like the leaves to their resting tomb. Home again. We find ourselves. In the deep Winter of our womb.

Dear Misogyny, You are not Evil. You are Lost, and You are Loved, Unconditionally.

Guest Writer, Lilith Lavender writes on reconciling with misogyny. Thank you for inspiring me to show up in the world and to dare to be seen.

True to You.

A quote from the inner landscape - the wild that brings you home.

A Fire Burned in their Names…

To Thee—who feels broken, maimed, and overly-tamed,  misguided and trained to feel so much disdain. To Thine—who wants to be awoken, reclaimed, and untamed, inner-guided to feel the melody of being unchained.