Dear Misogyny, You are not Evil. You are Lost, and You are Loved, Unconditionally.

Eve's Sword of TruthToday I am grateful for the misogynistic men of the world.

Particularly those of you who have placed yourselves in positions of spiritual authority and whose facade of an empire is held together by wounded souls who are so desperate for love, acceptance and validation that they feed you daily fresh helpings of narcissistic supply without hesitation.

THANK YOU for assisting in the awakening of my most ferocious and powerful passion for revolution, transformation and radical healing.

Thank you for inspiring me to show up in the world and to dare to be seen, to stand up for the feminine nature you’ve harmed in so many people, and for reminding me that your age and position in NO WAY makes you my “elder” or authority figure.

Thank for for showing me that intelligence and spiritual knowledge mean absolutely nothing if you aren’t able to embody your own teachings.

Most importantly, thank you for showing me the places in myself that need healing, and for breaking down my defensive walls and allowing me to step into a profound new level of forgiveness and compassion.

You are not evil, you are lost, and you are loved unconditionally.

— Lilith Lavender,  Guest Writer & Wild Wanderess

Image Credit: Unknown, but grateful to the artist for such a powerful piece. ♥


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