The Meaning of Winter

The meaning of Winter.
Where at it’s beginning we gather.
We gather together.
Preparing to gather within.
Celebrating the opening of receptivity.
The willingness to receive,
comes with gathering around the willingness to give.

Tis the season for intentional solitude.
Retreat and restoration.
It is a restful time.
Filled with reflection and deep inner travel.
Soul exploration.
– Within –
It is the time of pure receptivity.
Listening and relaxation.
It is the full ebb.
Contracting, to come home.
Home to oneself.
Withdrawing inward.
To one’s core.
Returning to center.

Winter is the silence.
The peaceful.
The standing stillness.
It is the caregiving of your body,
your heart,
your mind,
that the soul already knows how to do.

Winter is the womb where Spring finds the room,
to give way to Summer where she is in full bloom.
Then falls into Autumn like the leaves to their resting tomb.
Home again.
We find ourselves.
In the deep Winter of our womb.

Featured image: Kyle Volkman Photography


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