You Belong to the Earth and the Skies

Dearest peoples of all Wombin-kind,∗
Dear folks of all hearts & minds,
To those who dare to wander and find,
your truth to no longer feel hopelessly blind.

You were never mine.
To own you is a crime.
I release you from my confines.
So you can live outside the lines,
and listen to your own inner guides.
Feeling again, with your hearts and open minds.
Seeing again, from your senses and open eyes.
For you belong to the Earth & the Skies,
a symbol of their connection intertwined.
You are a gift needed in your time.
You were born to rise & shine,
And shine you will,
and rise you are,
just in the nick of time.

Your hope is from the wild,
who calls you home as a dear child.


The Patriarchy

∗Wombin-kind is a term that defines that the truth of all humankind is that we all came from a mother’s womb that gave life to each bloodline and that fact shall no longer be undervalued or undermined.

Photo Credit: Kyle Volkman Photography

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