Empathy Warrioress.

Empathy Warrioress,
with her hair all a-mess,
and dirt-stains on her dress,
she’s a sight to take-in I must confess.
Some kind of grounded wanderess,
and pretty human in her goddessness,
She’s an untamed empress,
that no one would ever guess.

She feels between-the-lines,Empathy Warrioress Tribute
of what others do not express.
She reads between-the-wines,
for what goes unexpressed.
She’s a feeler of the world,
filled with the wealth of inner success.

Sometimes it can be in excess,
with many emotions to digest.
Some call her “too sensitive,”
or label that she’s “much too stressed.”
But deep down, she knows her gift,
her power and prowess,
She’s an HSP at best,
nothing more, nothing less.

She’s a fighter in her own way,
using the beating heart inside her chest,
this is how she navigates the world,
and needs quality-time to process.

She knows every human is an artwork in progress,
and from this place, she has only one thing to request.
Make time to feel your feelings,
in a place of safety, where no harm is done from your revealings.
Where your emotions can’t be suppressed,
depressed, overly obsessed,
or misused to also oppress.
You will find your humanity here, I promise.
Something we as people need to access.

For this self-compassion is the substance that connects,
and invites our empathy to the rest,
because we personally reflect.
Then, empathy becomes our method of choice,
to not only listen to others,
but to hear our own true inner voice.

This is a might—
a right, a wonder, and a way.
It’s not a game of chance, chess, or another power-play.
It’s a gentle nudge that I kindly suggest,
from the life and times of an Empathy Warrioress.

feelyourfeelingsDedicated to all the people who’ve been led to believe you feel too much. To all HSP’s (Highly SensitivePeople), Empaths, Sensitives and those who were born with a high EQ (Emotional Quotient) who do not yet know that your sensitivity & emotionality is one of your great gifts and powers so precious to our world. May you find your way to this discovery and this poem be here to greet you with a welcoming embrace. And to those who do know and are accepting how they show up and what they need in order to enjoy your power as a gift, rather than only a curse or wound. It’s time we rise, fellow Empathy Warrioress’* I feel with you.
Empathy Warrioress is being used as gender neutral term utilizing the gender-bending technique of role-switching and pronoun-playfulness to invite creative questioning of the Patriarchal templates that permeate every aspect of our current modernized culture. Thank you.




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