Ida Turns The Light of Truth

Ida B. Wells 1862-1932, 70 yrs


“The way to right a wrong is to turn the light of truth upon them.”
Ida B. Wells   1862-1932

Investigative Journalist. Writer. Newspaper Editor. Suffragist. Sociologist. Feminist. Civil Rights Leader/Activist. Teacher. Public Speaker. A Founding Member of the NAACP. Mother.

Ida B. Wells was a woman who used her wildness to speak truth to power in a myriad of ways from refusing to give up her seat on a train in the ‘First Class Whites Only’ section and taking the railroad to court, to being the first person to do extensive research on lynchings in the United States. She toured in Britain to raise international awareness on her findings, concluding they were used as a method of community control of African American socio-economic progress. She started a number of women’s right organizations and was highly acclaimed as a persuasive public speaker and writer for African American Rights. She also prevailed in one of the most important roles in our world—
A Mother, of four, to be exact.

She wrote under the pen name “Lola.”

Wild Woman in History August 2017

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