Love. The Capitalized Kind:Part 2


We all want to believe we are doing right by Love—our very own version of it, that is.

From the overpowering divide and conquerers to the egalitarian peacemakers.
From the selfish to the selfless.
From the narcissists to the empaths.
From the givers to the receivers (who see each other as “the overbearing” and “the takers.”)
Even those that are fashioned somewhere in-between and even beyond our logic.

We all want to believe we are doing Love well, and right!
But, what if we were never good at Love to begin with?
And that each life is a journey of learning about how Love is?
How it works, rests, plays, moves, breathes, falls, triumphs, tries, waits, and…simply learns.
What if instead of doing Love right, we accepted that we are right to be learning Love. That it’s a process—

Whether it be the gradual, perfecting process of evolution,
or the sudden leap of faith of divine creation,
or a mixture of both,
or neither,
or that there’s some other way to be discovered,
or at least to be considered.
OR that we may never truly know…
and that’s okay too.
But we won’t give up our willingness to learn Love.
We won’t!
But maybe it’s time to accept that is what life is and all we are really up to.

There are so many ways to loving and being loved as there are ways of existing.
There are so many ways to being human.

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