Love. The Capitalized Kind. Part 1

Love IS
I have been loved greatly and I have been loved poorly.
I have had to teach some how, and others just knew, and with some there’s been a little or a lot of both.
I have loved greatly and I have loved poorly.
Some have had to teach me how, with others I just knew, and with some there’s been a little or a lot of both.
When “it is all said and done” it’s all been about love, hasn’t it?
Our attempts at it.
Our failures, mistakes, lessons learned, or not…yet.
Our times when it seems so easy, seamless, and downright flawless.
Our times of manipulations to get it. The perversions, distortions and misunderstandings of it.
It’s all been Love. All of it. Every kind of flavor, fashion and fuck-up of it. Hasn’t it?
From the total shit times to the utterly, mundane, “ I’m bored to tears” times.
To the hopelessly lost and lonely times.
From the deep and meaningful that will never leave our side, all the way to the incandescent, extraordinary times that are always in our hearts to be remembered until the last breath.
It’s all been Love. The capitalized kind. The learning kind. The honest, “I don’t know how to do this” kind.
In all of its trials, errors, ways, and wonders. It’s been Love.
Love at work.
Love at play.
Love at rest.
Even, Love at bay.
It’s all been learning Love.
Why do we assume that we should all be experts at this?
At this thing called love, including ourselves?
Isn’t Life itself the very walk of learning how to Love—greater, deeper, wider, weaker, higher, lower, lesser, poorer, stronger, richer, fuller…in every direction.
Oh, I can’t think of a better thing to do with a human life!


Featured Photo Credit: Photographer, Ann Nguyen

2 thoughts on “Love. The Capitalized Kind. Part 1

  1. This is so beautiful Allyson! I must share this with someone who constantly loves, but feels like she is always a failure at love. The relationships we have are precious and if you felt love at one point and not at the end. “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” not sure if that’s too cliché or not.


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