Love. The Capitalized Kind. Finalé


We like to think, or want to believe that our way of love is right. Right?
When I’m really honest with myself, I certainly do.
I see that I also tend to surround myself with others who think so too, or at least their way is similar enough to my own.
Perhaps it’s not only validating and makes me feel strong and powerful in who I am,
but it makes me feel strong and powerfully loved.
It makes me feel strong and powerful in learning how to Love.
Even though there are so many ways to this existing law — to Love and be Loved, that is.
When all is said and done in this body we call human, we lie there within our empires of dirt, or we’re cast among the ethers until our dust finds their final resting place.

Isn’t that all we were really up to all along?
To Love and be Loved?
Were we not born to learn about it?
On either end of a spectrum, and in-between?
All around, and up and down?
Above, below and beyond?
Within, without, around and around?
Spiraling in every direction.
Swirling to find perfection.
To Love and be Loved.

And so Life’s breath continues on and on…inhaling and exhaling.
Expanding and contracting.
Receiving and giving…of itself so that we humans can dance around in the pains, pleasures and paradoxes of Loving and being Loved until the final heartbeat expands once more and contracts for its last and final time.
Collapsing into itself like a star at it’s end and the beginning of something else to come.

So I dare ask, is this what it means to be human?KVStarryNight

Photo credit: Kyle Volkman

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