The Waves Reveal Our Caves

We get tackled, tossed & tumbled by jostling waves that stumble over & through us as we try to swimKVwavecave through our lives. We are like the pulled pieces of rock and stone slowly smoothed & weathered by water’s greatest endeavor—ebbing, flowing, pushing, pulling, trickling, creeping, roaring, storming, rushing, gushing, spilling, splashing, flooding, churning, mixing, wishing, washing.
Rinsing away the rough edges of our hardened hearts so we eventually stop treading or thrashing about.
We are whipped and worn into our weariness and succumb to floating along peacefully like a fallen leaf catching a rousing river ride, until we curiously dive deep into the dark depths below…
waterraysWe follow the sunbeam streams through the water like well-lit pathways casting the shadows so that we may see them.
There, we find haunting holes & cracks from the chiseled chunks we could not name or see, but felt.
Deeper, we find the crevices that were once crying-out cuts upon our soft surfaces.
We meander through our caverns that were once gashes and discover grave sights for the parts of us we let die.
With the last remaining rays of sun that somehow seep through, we arrive at the entry way of our caves that once felt like gaping holes and festering wounds.
It is here, we are led directly to our core and find there is no where left to go, for we are home, and no more light remains, except our own.
Featured Photos by: Kyle Volkman Photography

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