I Shall Return…

of-the-oceanI came from the ocean,
and to the ocean I shall return.
I am not of your land,
nor do I believe in your ways,
I simply come for a time to explore your place.
When I let go of my wet skin, and ability to swim,
it’s not because I don’t love the mysterious depths that I call home, 
it’s Souly to let you know, you’re not on your own.

And as all journeys come to an end,
this one will too.
And when it does, something new will begin.

I shall bid you farewell,
without bitterness in my heart,
nor on my tongue,
but with a secret knowing when we part,
another day again will come,
I shall return,
only to go back,
to where I am truly from.

— Wild Woman Wanderer
¤ Inspired by-Sealskin, Sealskin featured in Women Who Run With Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Featured Photo by: Kyle Volkman Photography

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