The Way of The Wanderer

Inspired by “Holiday”- Please listen while reading:


Sometimes we’re together,
sometimes we’re not,

Let the times that we are…
be filled with what togetherness brings—laughter, tears, smiles, hugs, kisses, support, and all of life’s
emotions that teach us more about who we are to ourselves and each other.
I promise I will always listen.
Even when I don’t, I will take a deep breath, find myself again and listen.

Let the times that we are not…
be filled with all that aloneness offers—reflection, solitude, diving deep into the soul, to render more evidence that I am never truly alone,
for I am part of a significant whole that I will never fully understand, 
which I smile deeply in response because it is not something I fear,
It is where I find my humility.

Let the times when we’re moving toward each other…
be filled with all that reuniting imbibes— the excited anticipation of being in each other’s presence again,
the nervous jitters that fill our stomachs with happy butterflies taking flight when we meet face-to-face once again,
the deep feeling of gratitude & strength that communing in connection with others can only bring.

Let the times of moving away from each other…
be filled with the ecstatic celebration of all our moments of being together again,
and find their rightful place in our hearts,
filling them to the brim and beyond,
where all we can do is cry with a heart so overflowing with the great, deep love we’ve just swam around in once again,
playing within every single drop of the ocean,
learning to ride them like a wave,
from the surface waters all the way into the depths,
filled with navigation and discovery—
the only thing worth spending any moment of our waking lives doing within this grand journey we call Life.

This is what relating is for the Great Wanderers—
the ones who embraced being lost and found that their only way through, was learning how to love.


Featured Images: Kyle Volkman Photography

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