I find you hardtaken in Leuve copy
Like stone
In breathless longing
And dry hunger 
And I go down
To ease you 
Of gripping cloth
And twisted ache
I hear your moan
Long and deep 
As I kiss you 
Taught and smooth 
Without shame 
I taunt and tease 
Peak and rim
Then down again 
In wet reverie 
I thirst
For you 
And take you whole
And you groan low
And I hold tight 
When you release 
In salty storm
The clouds of your self 

Written by guest author, The Poetess, V.

V. is a Wizened Woman entering the doorway to her sixties. As the cultural mythos tells us, women aren’t supposed to be sensually alive down there after a certain age. V wrote this poem after discovering the unexpected—she is not only very much alive, but has also awakened to a whole new erotic pulse running through her she had yet to explore. My deep gratitude goes out to V for sharing such personal poetic prose from her own Vulnerability Vault and passing on experienced wisdom from Woman to Women.

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