Red Tent Gatherings

~ We Gather ~
Through Ritual,
with Reverence,
We find Renewal.

There used to be spaces where only those
‘born-to-bleed-without-wound’ gathered...

Caves, huts, lodges, tents, tee-pees, tree canopies and so on. These shelters offered sanctity + sanctuary to gather around sisterhood + selfhood initiation rites, reverence + renewal. Red Tents are a movement to reclaim these sacred spaces of old…
… to take up space as individuals
hold-space for others
make space for ALL that is important to us
claim our space together in the world, once again.

How do Red Tents work?

The Red Tents that we provide are as unique as the folks who show up to gather. They are beautiful, safe, and restorative settings where we rely on our facilitator training, skills + gifts to guide the group. Red Tent Gatherings can be customized for the group requesting the event and designed for specific age groups or multi-generational experiences. We offer the following:

+ educational opportunities for those to learn more about their bodies and cycles
+ a fun hang-out, retreat space to enjoy with spa treatments & social games
+ therapeutic services that involve intense emotional clearing & grief practices
+ seasonal celebrations, moon rituals, initiatory rites & healing quests
+ a safe space to share our unique embodied experiences & taboo topics

4 Guiding Principles of Sacred Space-holding

~ Mine ~
Take Up Space.
Clear + Ground
– Earth –

~ Yours ~
Empathize + Flow
– Water –

~ Us ~
Make Space.
Create + Fuel
– Fire –

~ Ours ~
Claim Space.
Commune + Share

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book your red Tent

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