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A Reverent Remembering of our Wombinhood Wisdom

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∞ Payment Plans & Scholarships Available ∞

 — Schedule —
Friday. June 22nd 6-9pm, Orientation
Sat. & Sun. 23rd-24th 11-6 pm
30-minute Lunch Break (bring your own food)
Tea Breaks will be provided.

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I offer facilitated therapeutic services for individuals, couples, groups and relationships of all kinds. For full info, you can go to my professional website: Commūnicātus — Cultivating The Art of Connection

Free Intake Session

Relationship Therapy Session

Collaborative Creative Solution Session

Emotional Health Session

Integrity & Reconciliation Session

Empathy Education 

Female Cycle Awareness Consult
(Moon-Menses Cycle)

Past Workshops

Female Cycle Awareness Winter 2018 is Complete

Ladies, its time to answer the call of your wild to return home to your own sustaining ecology
— your FULL Female Cycle — claim our Female Nature from an over-domesticated culture.

“When you’re feeling at home in your body, you feel safe in the world. When you understand your connection to all Life, there is no more unnecessary insecurity within because you belong to everything. It is here, you find you were always home.” 

Winter'18 Cyle Aware

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