Wounded Woman Series

It’s time we move from our
wounded states into our gifted states
…One Rite of Passage at a Time…

are you ready to receive
the wisdom in your wounds?

You lack purpose-
not because you are with out it.

You lack passion-
not because you don’t have it.

You lack place-
not because you don’t seek it.

You lack a path-
not because you don’t desire to walk it.

you lack a sense of
purpose, place, passion and a path
you are uninitiated.

Do you know your BE-YOU-TO-FULL?
Your Maiden
Your Mother
Your Wild Woman
Your Crone
Become your Wise Woman

Wounded Woman Sessions
4-Part Series
4 Sessions Each
16 Sessions | 8-mo commitment

Includes The Wounded Woman curriculum,
at-home activities, coursework,

and therapeutic support for each archetypal wound.

…Become Initiated…

Part 1 & 2: Education + Healing
Includes education of the Wounded Woman Archetypes,
how they show up in you, and the impact of being un-initiated.
Part 1: 4 Sessions @ 90 min | $888 (2 mo)
Part 2: 4 Sessions @ 90 min | $888 (2 mo)

Part 3 & 4: Integration + Initiation
Includes deep-dive integration work with the Wounded Archetypes and their gifted counterparts to reclaim your Rites of Passage, includes Initiation Ceremony.
Part 3: 4 Sessions @ 90 min | $888 (2 mo)
Part 4: 4 Sessions @ 90 min | $888 (2 mo)

We are an un-intiated people. We’ve missed out on knowing about our passages through womanhood. We’ve also lost access to the inheritance of learning from our elders about the ‘way of woman’ and what it means to find our truth and walk our paths with purpose.

We feel aimless and disconnected, not because we don’t have purpose, but because culturally we’ve lost touch with the wisdom and knowledge that supports us in our self-actualization. A process that leads us into what we are able to offer our community in its actualization, and our closest relations with their actualization.

We pass on ”blind leading the blind” legacies that result in perpetuating wounded mindsets & behaviors. Without ever truly addressing these core wounds, we continue to throw salt in them daily, causing them to fester. It’s time to move from our wounded states into our gifted states – one Rite of Passage at a time…

are you ready to claim your inheritance?

* Art Credit *
Wounded Woman Featured Art is by Marie White,
artist + creator of Mary-El Tarot.
Wounded woman archetype portraits are by Helen Leigh,
artist + Owner of The Fascinate Gallery.